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Dawton Engineers Ltd

Dawton Engineers Ltd, provide horizontal boring services, and this expertise has been built over nearly twenty years on the guarantee of quality service. It has resulted in successful longstanding business relationships with customers who trust us to deliver to time and cost every time.

Our customers come from all sectors including for example the aerospace sector, for whom we have built key components of one of the worlds largest vibration testing rigs to support the European Ariane Rocket project in partnership with B&K VTS Ltd.

For the oil and gas sector we build positive line stop systems in partnership with Furmanite which allow valves to be installed in existing pipeline runs without the need to cease operation.

We support Siemens in the manufacturing/processing sector in their rolling mill division by manufacturing rolling mill components.

Belliss and Morcom rely on us to produce high quality industrial compressor parts and components to support the manufacturing sector.

These are just some examples of our work. We welcome you to come and visit to discuss your particular requirements.

Mike Dawes


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The Mars Rover was tested on equipment that was part made by Dawton. Image curtesy of NASA/JPL Caltech

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Pipeline with installed valve mechanism