#31 2013-06-20

Horizontal Boring Services at Dawton

Dawton Engineers Ltd

Dawton Engineers Ltd are experts in the science and craft of Horizontal & Vertical Boring. We bring to bear decades of hard won service in this field, applying our considerable skills to complex and challenging tasks.

We often prefer manually controlled machinery, acknowledging that the key factor of success in production, is the expertise, knowledge and skill of the engineer.

This predominately "hands on" approach may be the reason for our enviable quality record, and the fact that there is a high demand for our services around the world.

 #32 2013-06-20

Cylinder after machining on our horizontal boring and vertical borers.

 #33 2013-06-20

Compressor component manufactured for B&M

 #34 2013-06-20

Large body fabrication on machining

 #35 2013-06-20

Steel body shown with bore copper cladding ready for despatch to B&K

 #36 2013-06-20

Largest body and centre pole ready for despatch after horizontal and vertical boring