#16 2014-10-09

Dawton: Supporting the Aerospace Sector

The worlds largest vibration testing system

In space there is no room for error. A mission is dependent on the quality and reliability of key components, and these need to be tested vigorously for their integrity. Dawton are a key partner in test system production.

Dawton were trusted to manufacture what was the worlds largest vibration testing rig in the world for B&K VTS Ltd title=/as part of the Arianne Space Rocket programme.

Our horizontally bored housings accomodate the B&K VTS Ltd vibration test hardware, and shake components vigorously to assess durability.

 #17 2014-10-09

Curiosity after being vibration tested

 #18 2014-10-09

Steel body shown with bore copper cladding ready for despatch to B & K VTS Ltd

 #19 2014-10-09

Kit ready for despatch.

 #20 2014-10-09

Largest body and centre pole ready for despatch after horizontal and vertical boring

 #21 2014-10-09

Internal component of vibration rig being pressure tested.