#12 2014-10-09

Dawton: Oil and gas sector

Dawton Engineers Ltd

Dawton Engineers are a key partner to the oil and gas sector. Our valves switch on and off the worlds oil and gas supplies.

We achieve this with the positive seal line stops we supply to Furmanite. title=/

These provide the most fail-safe and positive line stop in what are often, challenging environments. Their stopping performance inspires the greatest confidence where pipes leaking volatile and energetic fluids must be avoided.

The designs for these valves have been developed and refined over the years to cope with the varying types of pipelines they operate on.

 #13 2014-10-09

Valve mechanism for positive line stop on oil and gas sector

 #14 2014-10-09

Kit packed ready for despatch

 #15 2014-10-09

Valve sub-assembly for flow control in pipeline